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For the health and safety of our community, we have decided to close our doors for the remainder of 2020. As soon as we feel it's safe to resume services, we'll let you know. We look forward to serving you again soon. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

Wellness is a practice;

a state of being.


Our hope is to be a spoke of support within your wellness wheel by providing you a collective of knowledgeable wellness practitioners, diverse in skill and modalities focused on body, mind, and soul to encourage and nourish your inner growth and provide personal attention to address your concerns.





I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude with thanks going above and beyond the care and help you have given me. As you know I was at my wits end when arriving to your office. After undergoing two major spinal surgeries and still remained in chronic pain, I came to you for help. Not only did you examine my case and past records as to the events that I had under gone but listened to the ailments I was suffering from. Through your findings and treatments, unfortunately we were dealing with something much greater than the norm. Thankfully you were willing to search out even further for answers as to what was occurring to my body. Because of your help and suggestions from colleagues, I was able to obtain a diagnosis as to what was causing the pain. I am currently undergoing intense therapy and treatments to help alleviate the pain caused by CRPS and hopefully place it in remission. It’s a long road but a road I may not have found without your help and concern.

Again, my heartfelt thanks for all you have done and the concern you have expressed to me along the way.”



“Jeff was able to alleviate the discomfort in my back in three visits. A major component of his treatment involves educating the client to prevent reoccurrences of the problem.”


“Jeff’s knowledge of the body & how muscles affect the quality of living is amazing. I sent my husband to him for back pain, which he not only relieved, but also realized there was more going on & referred him to other specialists who found a ruptured disk.

For myself, I tend to carry a lot of stress/anxiety in my shoulders which can, on occasion, cause neck, shoulder & arm pain. Jeff was able to relieve this pain, and give me stretches to do each day at work to avoid finding myself in his office too much, as well as suggestions for modifying my work environment to avoid muscle pain. And I also get all my vitamins & herbs from him, too.

Thanks for everything, Jeff!”


“After making my first appointment, I almost cancelled because I had doubts. I didn’t do so because Jeff had been so nice on the phone and I would have felt bad.

I am so glad I kept that appointment! My muscle pain from fibromyalgia and pain following spinal fusion surgery was much improved after my first visit. After four appointments with Jeff, I am almost pain free.

The combination of therapy and Jeff’s suggestions coupled with self-treatment have made a huge difference to me.”

B.S. (GBG)

After over 8 years of pain, since my back injury and numerous doctors and specialists, in one visit Jeff was able to identify that I had a mass in my back that was causing pressure in my back and radiating pain into my groin area. After palpitating it we determined that we would run a conservative approach to treatment, but if the effect of treatment was negligible after 6 visits I would see a specialist for a consult on excision. In addition Jeff performed myofascial treatments that assisted in lessoning the pain. Since the pain did not let up, I elected to consult a surgeon on Jeff’s recommendation. After the surgery my pain was reduced by 50% and I am continuing to stretch on my own in hopes to relieve the remaining symptoms. “Jeff is kind and courtesy; a real patient’s “doctor” who cares for you every step of the way. I would recommend Jeff and The Pain Treatment & Wellness Center for your pain.”


“Since 1995 I have been receiving massage therapy and am a firm believer in its numerous benefits. However, approximately two years ago chronic shoulder pain had forced me to explore myofascial therapy for its curative affects. While I continue to believe in the benefits of massage therapy, I have found that myofascial thereapy is more effective at eliminating pain [for me] as well as restoring flexibility. After myofascial therapy, my shoulder has been pain-free for two years. Additionally, I continue to seek the benefits of myofascial therapy on monthly basis for general wellness.”


“I came to the Pain Treatment and Wellness Center about a year ago and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had trouble with muscle knots and spasms, and also had pain in my shoulder from an accident that had been nagging ever since. When I met Jeff, he really spent time trying to not only give me immediate pain relief, but also to try and get to the root of the problem. I work in healthcare and rarely see anyone willing to spend the time to listen and try to put all the puzzle pieces in order. I can honestly say that I felt over 90% relief after several visits to the office. I believe if you have any type of chronic pain that is interfering with your health and wellbeing, you really owe it to yourself to visit Jeff.”


“I had struggled with acne for years, until I found Carly. Not only does she provide monthly treatments that have an immediately noticeable impact, but more importantly, she helped me get to the root of my skin problem.

Carly recommended dietary changes that have made an enormous impact on both my skin and my body in general. I really can’t speak highly enough about Carly’s sweet spirit and skilled practice.

Things I love about her services:
– Customized treatments based on what your skin needs at that time
– Takes quality time in doing facials so you feel relaxed
– Investigates causes of your skin concerns.
– Recommends skin products that will help you take care of your skin in between facials
– Nice and beautiful room setup
– Remains flexible with her schedule even though she is often booked well in advance due to her popularity.”