Be Well

About Us

A Philosophy
Unlike Any Other

Wellness is more than a word in our name—it is a state of positive being in body, mind, and soul. Wellness means understanding moderation and excess. Wellness is never fully achieved; it is practiced. Our vision is to be a mile marker in the paths of the lives who want wellness to be part of their world. 

We care about your story. We are excited to meet you where you are on your wellness journey with an open mind and heart. Listening is our promise to you!

Our Story

In 2001, Jeffrey A. Lutz founded the Pain Treatment and Wellness Center to help those suffering from chronic muscular pain. 

Pain takes a unique form for each person. Sometimes it seems as if no one can understand what it feels like except for you. At the Pain Treatment & Wellness Center, we understand this pain. Our caring and compassionate therapists have the tools to help you live a more pain free life.

We are dedicated to providing you with quality care in trigger point and massage therapy, organic skincare treatments, reiki and energetic healing services, yoga classes for all levels of practice, self-empowering workshops, and waxing services.